Our sweet shop has a selection of over 300 traditional sweets, to satisfy your sweet tooth ! Why not take home some award winning fudge and Kendal mint cake.

Whether you prefer boiled sweets, chews, bubble gum, Kendal mint cake there's something for everyone at our sweet shop! We also sell a wide selection of award winning fudge. You'll find recent candies alongside retro classics and we're sure that you'll leave with a bag of goodies!

We also provide a range of wedding favours, party bags, candy carts and other types of individual treats for your family and friends. Just contact us during your planning process and we'll be happy to hear your ideas!

Special occasions
Looking to give something different to your friends and family? We have a variety of different sized jars that you can fill to the brim with a wide selection of tasty sweets and treats. The ideal present for someone with a sweet tooth.

Whether you're planning something special and need a few sugared treats, or you're just in the area and fancy popping in and seeing what we have on offer, then we would love to meet you! Visit our contact page for more information.

Candy cart package

  • Delivery and set-up
  • Collection afterwards
  • All sweets included
  • Bags
  • Colours and themes